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Monthly Horoscopes

Monthly, positive predictions from astrologer Jenn Sinclair.

Aries Gold Coin Necklace


There is a very vibrant yet focused energy with you. You may feel inspired and confident with an idea at work or anything that puts you in the lead. Take this month to fine tune an idea, goal, or ambition with strength and a solid plan. There is no need to rush it, as it’s more important it has solid grounding. You will have the confidence to step into yourself and growth will follow.

Taurus gold coin necklace


The experiences you’ve had this year start to build into an idea that feels like it's opening you up to another world or even another dimension of yourself. If you still feel like there are details missing or you are wanting to grow more don’t rush it. Fill in the gaps and watch as you create a path that will be a journey. Say yes to adventure, to travel, and to ideas you haven’t yet wrapped your head around.

Gemini gold coin necklace


Out with the old and in with the new may be a theme for this month in many different variations. The desire to create new ways of doing things seems very important. This means old habits have to die. While this may have been a struggle in the past it doesn’t feel as challenging now. New ideas come on strong and you feel able to follow through.

Cancer gold coin necklace


Relationships take on many forms as they grow, but this month offers a chance to find some solid grounding in order to grow with someone. It’s not romantic as much as it feels like really deep connections in a more responsible and respectful way. Merging strengths and finding good conversation with the weak spots can bring some solid energy to a relationship.

Leo gold coin necklace


Commit yourself to bring in one new habit to your daily routine and you will find it might be an easier time to stick to something. This can be a more mental habit rather than physical. It can be easier to see what is holding you back and where you may need some momentum now. Make any appointments and commit to your mind and body this month!

Virgo gold coin necklace


Maybe you’ve had an idea or something you felt inspired by. If it’s been difficult to actualize this, try and make the plans, set the time aside, or do whatever you can to start this idea this month. You may find fuel and passion to get through obstacles and barriers in a new and efficient way.

Libra gold coin necklace


There is an extra layer of sensitivity around your innermost personal feelings. This is an opportunity to explore this space a little deeper and sort through what needs to stick around and what has served its time. Outdated ways of handling your heart space may be very obvious now and you will be more open to a different perspective and approach.

Scorpio gold coin necklace


Your thoughts may need some space between the ideas and the actualizing of these ideas. This means taking time to understand what something really means before you say or do it. Give yourself space to not be so reactive. This will help you learn how to direct your thoughts and ideas in the most efficient and effective way.

Sagittarius gold coin necklace


You may start to shift your attention to finances in a more serious way. While money doesn’t equal worth there is a feeling of wanting to organize this part of your life. This might mean you are aiming for a larger role at work, starting to save for something, or organizing finances in a way that looks to the future.

Capricorn gold coin necklace


Thinking about goals is a great start but the present energy is more about actualizing these goals. Even if it's one step in the direction you are aiming, that is a huge step. Create confidence and inspiration around your personal goals and needs. Even indulging in a little something that makes you feel good is highly encouraged.

Aquarius gold coin necklace


You might be feeling like a little hibernation from it all. This isn’t a bad thing as the energy for you feels a little more internal and quiet. Find ways you can lean into that deep space or carve out some quiet moments when it's possible . It could be a time you get to know parts of yourself a little better, or even get to the bottom of an issue that’s been trying to get your attention.

Pisces gold coin necklace


Inspiration comes from connection this month. This can be socializing and feeling yourself up with joy or reaching out and offering a helping hand to someone in need. Conversations hold meaning and substance that offer you something even deeper. A casual conversation could ignite an inspired idea within you or possibly even open doors to something bigger.