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Monthly Horoscopes

Monthly, positive predictions from astrologer Jenn Sinclair.

Aries Gold Coin Necklace


You are feeling fired up. There is a very easy yes and no energy to you. You are decisive about what you want and aren’t scared to jump towards it. The shift can feel powerful and boundless. Ask for what you desire personally and notice that there is more flow when you truly and deeply believe in yourself.

Taurus gold coin necklace


It becomes almost a necessity to find a retreat for your mind. This doesn’t mean staring at a blank wall but finding a way to change your thoughts and get out of the loop and pattern of what was. Music, walking, meditation, or a spiritual retreat can feel extra important now as you are collecting the thoughts of the past in order to change and open up new patterns and new ideas.

Gemini gold coin necklace


Hesitation isn't on the agenda this month as ideas, connections, and big moves get you into places you’ve only imagined. That dream that was sitting dormant all of a sudden has all the focus now. There is momentum and it seems easier to make the connections now. Lead with confidence even when the unknown is a little scary.

Cancer gold coin necklace


You might be asked to take a lead on something around work. It might feel overwhelming but you will take it on in such a big beautiful way. Replace your fears with confidence and channel all the power that is already in you. This is a chance to show others your gifts where you may have been shy or hesitant before.

Leo gold coin necklace


Spontaneous trips or getaways might be exactly what you are needing even when they were not anticipated. You have a thirst for knowledge and inspiration. While there are many different ways to find that, getting out of the grind of the day to day might be the inspiration you need.

Virgo gold coin necklace


The energy present is meant to unstick you from things that don’t feel like they are aligned in your truest and deepest motivations. It can be much easier to notice a relationship or relationship habit in your life that feels like it's not aligning. Find that drive around breaking habits or blocks that don’t allow you to transform yourself and the relationship.

Libra gold coin necklace


The energy that you put into others is highlighted. This emphasizes partnerships. It’s up to you to decide how much of yourself you are willing to give. There might be a fine line between your independence and your relationships right now. Wherever you put your energy has so much potential for big things to happen so aim wisely.

Scorpio gold coin necklace


It can be easy to get locked into old ideas or just ones that feel comfortable. Build momentum to make changes and then just go for it. It's ok if you don’t have a plan, it's more important that you make some sort of action. This energy can channel inspiration to get things moving that have been stuck for quite awhile.

Sagittarius gold coin necklace


Passion becomes a big theme for you this month. Take the inspiration and excitement and let it loose. The energy to be creative might be stirring around so make space for it even when things feel busy. Love and acting on that love may be on your mind too. This is a time where expression meets passion.

Capricorn gold coin necklace


It might feel like the rest of the world is buzzing around you and your energy is just a bit more focused at home or on things of a softer nature. Focus your drive on house projects or people in your home that need your attention. You may find you are able to accomplish a lot when you aren’t super distracted by the outside world.

Aquarius gold coin necklace


Words and ideas can feel like they are at the tip of your tongue. Holding back your expression isn’t an option. If you’ve felt that pending feeling to speak up and out or just had an idea that was boiling inside of you, it might be the time to let it free. You will notice that confidence, boldness, and fired up energy is swirling around your thoughts, so embrace it!

Pisces gold coin necklace


There is an emphasis on values and even things around money. You are more likely not to look before you leap this month. It might not be a bad thing as it can lead you into opportunities that allow less time to overthink and hesitate. Be aware and extra focused of things that you are calling in. Your powers to draw in your wants are much stronger this month, so ask and you might just receive.