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What's In Your Beach Bag - Laurel Gallucci of Sweet Laurel Bakery

Meet Laurel Gallucci, co-founder of Los Angeles-based Sweet Laurel Bakery. We love her inspiring story - and are so in awe of how she gets it all done as a mom of two!

 In 2012, Laurel was forced to drastically change her eating habits following a Hashimoto's diagnosis. She embraced the strict elimination diet but struggled to give up baking, a passion of hers since childhood. 

With a whole lot of motivation and even more trial-and-error, she learned how to have her cake, and eat it too. 

 Using only whole foods ingredients, Laurel began to create her own grain, dairy and refined sugar free sweets (most of which have five ingredients - or less).

 Laurel was determined to help others enjoy dessert pain and guilt free. Along with her friend and co-founder, Claire, Laurel launched the bakery on Instagram. Their desserts immediately began to build a cult following. 

 Today, you can make Laurel's desserts at home with one of her cookbooks or stop by the brand's gorgeous new bakery. 

 Not local to LA? All of the desserts are available to ship online or via custom order (enjoy). 




1. The Lauren Pink Stripe cooler bag and umbrella from Business & Pleasure Co.


2. Treats from Sweet Laurel Bakery, of course.


3. My Coolibar giant beach hat that has SPF in it! It protects me but also my babies as they're sleeping in my lap.


4. My Ergo Baby baby carrier for beach walks.


5. My kids' swim trunks by Minnow - we love them.


6. My Beautycounter and Supergoop sunscreen - always! 


Shop Laurel's gorjana favorites.

You can find more about Laurel and order some of her baked goods at