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We have always loved to share the stories of founders and other inspirational people we love to follow. Uninterested in the traditional interview, we got together to brainstorm a more fun way to get to know these women. Inspiration hit while walking along the beach one day...

We're pleased to introduce our newest series: "What's In Your Beach Bag?" We believe what you carry can reveal a lot about you, which is why we asked some of our favorite people what they're toting to a day at the beach.

First up, Gorjana, our Co-Founder and Creative Director. 

1. Janessa Leone's packable straw hat: I am never without a hat at the beach! These are perfect as they roll up but still maintain their shape.

2. Sunscreen: I regret not wearing a lot of sunscreen as a teen. Now I'm super into it. Elta MD is my favorite for my face. I love Supergoop's water-proof unseen sunscreen for when I'm planning on a swim. I'm also obsessed with COOLA's tinted lip balm and scented body sprays. Yes, I carry all of these in my bag at once.

3. Sachajuan Hair In The Sun: I love this hair mask - it's an awesome product, I do not love what the sun and water does to my hair.

4. gorjana Fine Jewelry: I always wear a fine layer to the beach - they can get wet!

5. A magazine: I'm officially into magazines again, and have started carrying one with me.