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Layering with Parker Styles

When it comes to layering with the Parker Collection, the more the merrier. 

New additions to our best-selling collection make it easier than ever to mix and match styles so you can wear your personality on your sleeve... and around your neck 😉. 

Now for the layering inspo...

Layer 1: The OG + Charms

Start with your favorite classic Parker style like the Parker Wrap Necklace and Parker Huggies. 

Choose three favorite charms to attach to your huggies + necklace. Mix and matching is encouraged. 


Layer 2: Parker Wrap + Pop of Color 

Start with your favorite classic parker style like the Parker Wrap Necklace and Parker Huggies. 

Then add your favorite color Parker Gem Necklace to break up the golds. 

Lastly, pile on your charms to make things personal. 


Layer 3: Life in Color 

Start with the Parker Necklace as a base. 

Then add two of your favorite Parker Gem necklaces— we chose Turquoise and Sand for a beachy vibe. 

Lastly, add charms. 

*Pro Tip: Layer one Parker Gem with the clasp in front, the other with the clasp in back. 


Layer 3: Simply Charming 

Choose your favorite Parker Gem necklace (we chose opalite to catch the sun's rays). 

Then add multiple charms to the Parker Gem clasp. Initials, favorite places, a compass— the options are endless.


Layer 4: Stack it Up 

Spice up your stack by adding Parker Charms to your Parker Bracelet. 

We recommend pairing the Hamsa Hand Charm with Power Gemstone Aura Bracelets for maximum good vibes. 


With the Parker Collection you can count on being bold, never boring.