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How To Stay Healthy & Fit While You’re Social Distancing

If you’re anything like us, you’re craving a good sweat right now.

When the gyms shut their doors in California, we immediately turned to Instagram to ask you all for your favorite at home workouts. 

The most suggested:

  1. Tone It Up
  2. Sweat App
  3. Core Power Yoga
  4. Peloton App
  5. Popsugar Fitness
  6. Fitness Blender
  7. Boxhaus Instagram Live Workouts
  8. Love Sweat Fitness
  9. Lululemon Yoga
  10. Outdoor Walks (we see you, fellow Southern Californians ;))

Here are 2 fun workouts you can do at home that we’ve been sending to each other:

Workout #1
Workout #2

Some of Our Favorite IG Accounts

Alexia Clark Instagram Page


Tone it Up  Instagram Page


Pop Sugar Instagram Page


Rachels Good Eats Instagram Page