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While at home in Los Angeles in the early months of the pandemic, Lara Adekoya founded Fleurs Et Sel - a boutique bakery that makes the sweetest baked goods in small batches (may we suggest the brownie + oreo + cookie bae bar??). 

Today, over a year later, thanks to her hustle, beautiful spirit and a whole lot of charm, her cookies are sought out by actors, musicians and fashionable stars alike (Michael B. Jordan and Issa Rae, to name a few). 


See more of Lara's beach bag on IGTV @gorjana

1. Fleurs Et Sel Notebook: I bring this everywhere with me - in case of an idea!

2. Snacks: Strawberries, a grab bag of cookies, granola. I'm obsessed.

3. Sunglasses, always!

4. My Canon Camera: Just in case I want to take a photo of a family member or friend.

5. La Neige water bank moisture cream for my face

6. Caudalie beauty elixir: This natural face spray has peppermint in it for a quick refresh.

7. Drunk elephant Virgin Marula luxury facial oil: Another natural remedy for sun-dried skin! 

You can find more about Lara and order some of her incredible cookies at 

or on Instagram @fleursetsel