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CHEERS! To Summer

Happy National Rosé Day!

Because we're obsessed with everything pink, we rounded up some of our favorite pink looks to celebrate!

Need something a little stronger?

These are some of our favorite drinks we'll be sipping all summer long.

G's Margarita

- 3oz Margarita Mix

- 1.5oz Blanco Tequila 

- 2oz Guava Juice 

- Half a lime, squeezed 

- Blend 

- Garnish with tajin and a lime!

Tequila Sunrise 

- 1.5oz Tequila 

- 3/4 cup Orange Juice 

- 3/4oz Grenadine 

- Merachino Cherries 

- Ice

- Garnish with an Orange Slice!

Citrus Flower

- Two Parts Citrus Flower

- Two Parts Yuzu Sparking Juice

- Pour over ice in a tumbler glass

- Enjoy!