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A Moment With: Kalani Miller

Co-founder of MIKOH, world traveler, model, surfer...Kalani Miller may be one of the raddest women we know. We caught up with this Southern California local in between surf trips to chat inspiration, travel and everything in between.

Current state of mind?

Grateful! With so much craziness going on the last almost two years, I am grateful to be happy, content, calm, and motivated. I am looking forward to traveling again soon and exploring new places. I’m grateful for getting to see friends that I haven’t been able to see for a while. I think especially heading into November with Thanksgiving, it is a great time to take a pause and look around at everything we can be thankful for. 

We think we know the answer...but would you prefer to live in the city or live by the beach?

I am definitely a beach girl. When it comes to city or country, I am a country girl at heart. It isn’t surprising considering we have a swimwear company and a life that is driven by the ocean tides.

Favorite travel destination? 

Fiji! They have just announced a re-opening for December 1 and I am counting down the days! Tavarua is such a special place to us and I cannot wait to get there. It is seriously heaven on earth. 

Favorite book or podcast?

I just finished Bob Iger Ride of a Lifetime. He is the CEO of Disney. It is always inspiring to hear other CEO and business leader’s thoughts and stories. It’s definitely motivating. For podcasts, I love listening to the Goop podcast! They cover such an array of topics. 

Best meal you've had lately?

I am a huge cook-at-home kinda girl! Every night in our kitchen is about new recipes, reworking old ones, or sharing a meal with friends. Cooking and baking are a passion of mine and last  night’s dinner was hard to beat— rosemary smashed butter potatoes with filet mingnon and an oversized salad from the garden. 

Advice to live by?

"In every breath is a new opportunity!"

How would you describe your personal style?

Casual, classic, and beachy. Since we spend most of the year (normally!) on the road, I always have my essentials I travel with. I then like to mix in a few key pieces or a new statement bag to keep it fresh! 

Where do you find inspiration?

Definitely my travels! I love collecting items from every country and when I get home they have a special place. New cultures and people are constantly inspiring me and reminding me there is such a huge world out there! 

What does jewelry mean to you?

I looooove my jewelry. Each special piece reminds me of a special memory and brings back such a special thought. I love delicate gold jewelry that I can stack on. 

What's next for you? 

I am looking forward to traveling and seeing friends!!


We have to know...what's in your beach bag??




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